Our Wines

“My vision for the wines of Weltevrede is to be a pure expression of the terroir in which it is rooted. Our wines should have personality dictated by the soil. It should have a sense of place.”

Philip Jonker


Commitment, a smile, honesty, friendship, the energy of spontaneous laughter, integrity, a circle of friends, trust, to have fun, to forgive, to dream, to live, to love, and be loved.
– Philip Jonker

Entheos | Chardonnay – Pinot Noir

Enthusiasm. Inspired. Ardor. Fervor. Fire. Passion.

Entheos is a 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Noir blend. The grapes are picked riper to show richness and attractive fruit at an earlier stage. The wine is matured on lees for up to three years.

Lively mousse, creamy biscuit on the palate and long aftertaste. A vibrant Cap Classique to celebrate every day.

Alc 12,5% RS 5g/l TS 6.8g/l

On its own or with oysters, sushi and most light canapés.

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The Ring | Blanc de Blancs

This Cap Classique celebrates a seal and completion. A promise of lifelong allegiance. The maiden vintage was released on Philip Jonker’s wedding day.

Tasting Note
A golden colour with a green tinge and a delicate stream of bubbles gliding to the surface. Lemon grass, fynbos-honey, cucumber, melon and mint leaves makes for a complex nose. The palate is crisp and focussed with flavours of green apple, citrus and mint leaves. A tight and minerally style of Blanc de Blanc.

Alc. 12.00%
RS 9g/l
TS 5.7g/l

On its own or with Sushi and Oysters. This Cap Classique also has enough structure to compliment main course dishes with flavours of citrus and lemon grass.

“I met Lindelize while studying to become a winemaker. My debut wine was a Cap Classique of which I popped the first cork at my wedding with my barefoot bride under an old oak tree in the Karoo. The Ring is a constant reminder of this bond of love.”

– Philip Jonker

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Vintage Non Vintage

Chardonnay from limestone soils and Pinot noir from alluvial soils.

Shy bearing vineyards. Chardonnay selected for its vibrance and Pinot noir for its depth.

Wine Making

Hand picked in early morning. Whole bunch pressing. Only cuvée clarified and cold fermented. Base wine blended in approximately 60:40 ratio Chardonnay: Pinot noir. Minimum 12 months maturation in bottle before degorgement.

Tasting Note
A classic Cap Classique of Chardonnay and Pinot noir with a light rose colour, like the hue of emotion, the fresh fragrance of spring carried on the breeze, a gentle release of bubbles and refreshingly crisp taste. Rosetta Rose is named
after the progenitor of our family.

Alc. 12.47%
RS 5.5g/l
TS 7.8g/l

The choice for sunny days, salads and sushi

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Vintage 2014

Limestone soils from Weltevrede Estate.

Mature vineyard of Chardonnay.

Wine Making

Made of 100% Chardonnay. Hand picked. Whole bunch pressing. Extra long lees maturation in bottle before degorgement.

Tasting Note
Some memories are golden, forever banked in our hearts as beacons to treasure. Years later when déjà vu is ignited we relive those moments and celebrate them all over again, the nectar of our life stories.

Alc. 11.96%
RS 40g/l
TS 5.8g/l

The dinner choice with a grand finalé of cheesecake, macarons and other patisserie.

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Place of Rocks | Chardonnay


SOIL: A slope of ancient, broken shale rock.

VINEYARD: Old vines of Chardonnay anchored in layers of rock.
A shy bearer with small bunches and minute vibrant grape berries,
ripening with lime-like flavours.

WINE MAKING: Hand picked in early morning and whole bunch
pressed. Barrel fermentation in 228L Burgundian barrels. 25% new,
50% second fill and 25% third fill. 8 months on lees with batonage
every week.

TASTING NOTES: Weltevrede Place of Rocks is a limited selection
from vines growing on broken shale rock slopes. Together with the
sun and the wind and rocks, this wine celebrates the people of the
terroir, their artisanal flair, the skillful pruning hands, the dedicated
cellar workers, a team of masters in their own fields. Place of Rocks
invites you to ponder its depth of complexity, the seamless dance
of vibrant minerality, citrus and deeper notes of toast and spice. A
mouth-watering minerality, limey length and lingering aftertaste. This
delicate layering and polished texture honour a wide variety
of culinary options. The chef’s choice, the sommelier’s confidant,
and the food lover’s favourite. A beautiful marriage, as Place of
Rocks loves food and food loves the Place of Rocks.

ANALYSIS: Alc: 12% | TA:6.6 g/l | RS: 2.5 g/l

WINEMAKER: Philip Jonker

FOOD PAIRING: Salmon, oysters & smoked meats.

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Calcrete | Chardonnay


SOIL: Chardonnay vines on limestone and mineral rich Calcrete
soil and South facing slope, exposed to off-cooling Southeastern

VINEYARD: Attention to detail, a vineyard carefully managed for
aeration and indirect light in the leaf canopy to preserve vibrance
in the Chardonnay bunches till the crisp morning breaks on the
day of harvest.

WINE MAKING: A minimalist approach. Hand picked in early
morning and whole bunch pressed. Clear free run juice of
brilliant lime-gold colour. Unoaked cold fermentation and three
months lees contact.

TASTING NOTES: Calcrete is only found in the limestone rich
appellation between Bonnievale and Robertson. Terroir of arid,
broken shale rock of ancient petrified maritime deposits. Calcrete
defines this region with its crystalline minerality, a taste of wet
stone and almost maritime sea spray, saline palate and oyster
shell minerality. Described as elegant, linear and minimalist.
Bright, vibrant and limey. Luminescent light lime-green radiance.
Revitalising, cool sensation on the palate, a mouth-watering tension,
steeliness, the taste of gunflint, and lime. Pure and brilliant minerality.
An irresistible invitation to take another sip.

ANALYSIS: Alc: 13% | TA:6.9 g/l | RS: 2.6 g/l

WINEMAKER: Philip Jonker

FOOD PAIRING: Seafood, salads & lightly roasted chicken

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Poet’s Prayer | Chardonnay


SOIL: Anchored in the ancient lime rich terroir of Weltevrede.

VINEYARD: An extremely small selection of old vines offering the
desired balance of complexity and minerality.

WINE MAKING: Hand picked and whole bunch pressed. Smal l
selection of individual Burgundian 228L barrels for fermentation
and one year maturation on the lees.

TASTING NOTES: Poetry. Maybe you have also been prompted to
scribble a few words on paper before. Raw words. From deep within.
And no matter what others think of those words, they are yours.
And they are charged with feeling of love or tears. Hardship brings
out the best in Chardonnay. Roots d i g g i ng deep among crack s
o f ancient rocks in arid terroir. Greatness doesn’t come without
brokenness. Only the best years finally find their way to the bottle.
Poet’s Prayer in an art piece. A rare wine.

ANALYSIS: Alc: 14.5% | TA:7 g/l | RS: 2.8 g/l

WINEMAKER: Philip Jonker

F OOD PAIRING: On it’s own with good company.

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