Edge of Life Fund:

There is a gap to be bridged to those who need us. We can quote statistics of crime, like gangsterism, rape, theft, abuse and addiction to alcohol. We can quote statistics of poverty and joblessness, the need for the basics. Some think there is no solution, but we beg to differ. We have seen change and would like to direct all efforts towards this solution.
We believe there is one taproot where all of the above originate and that is a lack of self worth.

Restoring self worth

The Edge of Life Fund is a funding Trust dedicated to the restoration of self worth and dignity through funding successful projects with similar causes. Our priorities are reaching marginalized individuals in rural or forgotten areas, restoring identity, self esteem and rebuilding family structures. We support those projects that care for the individual, for we believe everyone has an Identity, a Value, an Ability, a Name.

Weltevrede Wine Estate contributes an amount of every bottle of wine sold locally or internationally to the Edge of Life Fund.

We collaborate with social workers and faith groups building individuals and focusing on family structures in communities. Most of the projects are in the Robertson Valley, its villages, Bonnievale, Robertson, Ashton and McGregor and the surrounding farming communities. However the Edge of Life Fund is not geographically limited and reaches out to needs in Cape Town and even cross border to other African countries.

Edge of Life currently supports the following projects:
1. Dance for all (Danza la Vida) – Children are identified in the townships, on farms and streets to spend their free time in an inspiring way developing dancing skills. These children build up self esteem and discover they are gifted and special.

2. King’s Church Kid’z Church Robertson– Up to 500 children are being brought together on Sundays for food, entertainment, singing, drama and spiritual development.

3. Bursaries for promising, local students who lack the resources to pursue tertiary studies.