New Wines in the SIMPLICITY Collection: Lemon Zest and Turkish Delight

We’ve added two delightful new wines to our Simplicity collection: Lemon Zest unwooded chardonnay and Turkish Delight Rosé.

This collection is unpretentious, striking, fresh and relevant where the wines make sense simply by looking at the bottle. On the outside, the uncluttered, clear cut and stylish labels draw attention to these wines which have robust and bold flavours.

Lemon Zest, a new wine in the Weltevrede Simplicity Collection

Lemon Zest unwooded Chardonnay

Known for chardonnay and passionate about the cultivar, it was an obvious choice for Weltevrede to add another style to our long line of Chardonnay expressions. Many of our Chardonnays have a distinctive minerality that gives the wine a fresh and lively quality and so this is a way to express the Chardonnay in a pure way.

Chardonnays from the Robertson Wine Valley have distinctive citrus undertones and so this element has been captured and highlighted in Lemon Zest. The colour is a pale yellow with a slight green tinge. On the nose you get prominent notes of grapefruit, passion fruit and lemon peel. The wine has a light mouth feel with flavours of grapefruit, pineapple and limes with a crisp, dry finish.

Lemon Zest is a great start for anyone who wants to explore the Chardonnay cultivar. It is also a brilliant alternative to Sauvignon Blanc with its zesty, crisp and fruity characteristic.

Turkish Delight Rosé

It was time to add a pink lady to the Simplicity collection offering a tantalizing semi-sweet Rosé.

Weltevrede has a long history of producing Gewurztraminer. In the case of the new Turkish Delight Rosé, however, there is a fresh twist. Two unlikely cultivars are blended together to form a delightful Semi-Sweet Rose.

Gewurztraminer is a very expressive, fragrant cultivar and one of its most bespoke flavours is Turkish Delight. In this vintage we blended Gewurztraminer with a small quantity of Shiraz. This gives you a semi-sweet rose with a pleasant dry finish. The colour is a light pink. On the nose you get litchi, rose petals, and candy floss. This fresh wine has a light mouth feel with flavours of litchi, strawberries and Turkish delight on the palate.

New wines in the Weltevrede Estate Simplicity Collection, Lemon Zest and Turkish Delight

Weltevrede Estate and Chardonnay

Philip Jonker is a Chardonnay specialist and, concomitantly, Weltevrede Estate has become synonymous with the production of fine Chardonnays and Cap Classiques: boasting prestigious awards, most recently gold at the International Chardonnay du Monde for the Place of Rocks Chardonnay Estate wine.

Weltevrede’s ‘Chardonnay collection’ currently comprises of several unique Chardonnay wines made in different styles and expressions. The newly-released Lemon Zest Unwooded Chardonnay joins the lightly wooded Vanilla Chardonnay in the Simplicity collection. They also form part of the larger collection of Chardonnays, which include the flagship Poet’s Prayer Chardonnay, the terroir-specific Chardonnay, Place of Rocks, the 1912 Chardonnay, Weltevrede’s Philip Jonker Brut The Ring Blanc de Blancs and several Chardonnays produced specifically for Woolworths.

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