Hands-on Harvest 2015

Visit us on 20 and 21 February for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create your very own special of Méthode Cap Classique with your host Philip Jonker, the estate’s owner and MCC specialist wine maker.

The event forms part of the Robertson Wine Valley’s Hands-on Harvest festival. There are only 25 people per group and only five sessions on the programme, so it is advised that you book your place soonest to be part of this exclusive experience.

We will start the event off with an audio visual presentation to enlighten you about the MCC process. We will then give you a bottle that has already finished its second fermentation in our underground cellar.

From there we will help you with the ‘disgorge’ process, this is where you remove the sediment left in the bottle after the second fermentation. Next you make up and add your own ‘dosage’, using a 10 ml liquid that you add to the MCC wine to ensure you end with the desired sugar level, before lastly applying the label by hand.

And there you go… You can take your new masterpiece home and impress friends with your newly acquired knowledge.

There is one session on Friday, 16:00, and four on Saturday (10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00). Tickets are R120 per person and unfortunately we can only accommodate 25 people per session, so booking is essential.

For more information, please contact Elzette on 023 616 2141 or mail info@weltevrede.com.

Weltevrede make your own MCC bubbly Hands-on Harvest Festival Robertson Wine Valley

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