New Addition to WELTEVREDE 1912 Range

there is a new wine in the Weltevrede 1912 heritage series - the merlot cabernet sauvignon

The wine range that celebrates the people of Weltevrede now boasts a new addition – the WELTEVREDE 1912 Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon.

This newly-released 2015 vintage joins the Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon in the WELTEVREDE 1912 range. The range celebrates a tradition of more than 100 years of family wine-making at Weltevrede.


The 1912 range was born shortly after the estate celebrated its centenary of wine making. It was a time of reflection on what exactly it is that makes this patch of land so special. We came to the realisation that the terroir equation of the land included more than just ancient geology and specific climate.

there is a new wine in the Weltevrede 1912 heritage series - the merlot cabernet sauvignon

The many generations of people who have lived on and worked this land for more than a century have also contributed to making the place and the wines unique. This wine honours these people, their hard work and values, their dreams, passions and preferences.

This is what we bottled as the WELTEVREDE 1912, the wine preferred by the fourth generation custodians of Weltevrede. Instead of putting the signature of the winemaker on the label, the label bears the name of every person living at and working in the vineyards and winery of Weltevrede.

With this we celebrate legacy

The result of a small production of carefully selected grapes, the Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon is fermented in French oak barrels, with no malolactic fermentation. There is skin contact with battonage once a week and the wine is matured in French oak for 6 months.

The result is a wine with aging potential of 10 years.

The colour is a deep red. On the nose you get an intense mixture of cranberry, pomegranate and tobacco. The palate reveals youngberry, red cherries, plums and black pepper with a long smoky finish. It complements rosemary lamb chops, leg of lamb and mature fillet perfectly.

Says Philip Jonker, winemaker, “The WELTEVREDE 1912 wines are the culmination of more than a hundred years of family heritage and ultimately represent who we are”.

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Support the Jakes Gerwel Entrepreneurial School

Construction on the Jakes Gerwel Entrepreneurial School is on schedule for a January 2018 opening. The school is mostly self-funded by the community and donations from the public.

The community of Bonnievale has tackled the chronic shortage of high schools in their area head-on, raising millions of Rands and partnering with the provincial education department to build a new school.

The Jakes Gerwel Entrepreneurial School in Bonnievale is just R3.5 million away from fully funding their first phase. The school has enrolled Gr. 8 learners, appointed teachers and building work is on schedule for a January 2018 opening! The school funding trust appeals to the public to support this remarkable project to improve the futures of thousands of our most vulnerable kids.

The project is our community’s answer to a crisis that exists throughout South Africa. A chronic shortage of high schools spells a bleak future for thousands of disadvantaged kids in rural areas. These kids would have had to travel to neighbouring towns for high school, making them much more likely to drop out altogether.

The people of Bonnievale tackled the crisis head-on, joining hands across racial and socio-economic divides and setting out to raise R55 million to build their own school. In the process, they created a partnership with the provincial Department of Education that is hailed as ‘the answer for South Africa’.

Construction on the Jakes Gerwel Entrepreneurial School is on schedule for a January 2018 opening. The school is mostly self-funded by the community and donations from the public.

Construction on the Jakes Gerwel Entrepreneurial School is on schedule for a January 2018 opening. The school is mostly self-funded by the community and donations from the public.

The Vision

The hearts of the people from Bonnievale received the vision and formed a team to pursue the vision to heal a total community by creating the Jakes Gerwel Entrepreneurial School, a modern two-stream technical school with cutting edge e-learning facilities with a master plan for 1200 learners. Prof Jakes Gerwel was a resilient mediator and peacemaker and the wonderful unity of this team of different backgrounds would have made him proud. Although diverse the common denominator in them all is a positive transformative spirit to heal South Africa from community level, from its roots.

The Jakes Gerwel Entrepreneurial School is currently being constructed and an amazing vision is swiftly becoming a reality.

The community vision team and interim SGB of the Jakes Gerwel Entrepreneurial School: Lazarus Kholomba, Chris Liebenberg, Jacques Theron, Johan Els, Kevin Godfrey, Maggie Kawula, Nico Solomon, Augusta Brand, Lilian Pavuli, Pierre Albertyn, Mac Kuhn, Fernando Baardman. At the back are the three JGE Funding Trust Trustees, Wilhelm de Wet, Philip Jonker and Curren Kuhn.


“Most learners from Bonnievale come from under-resourced backgrounds, fatherless homes and broken family structures. Secure character is what made Prof Jakes Gerwel a world changer behind the scenes and apt role model. In this school our first priority is to invest in the character of the learners. We do not only want to broaden their vision. We want to broaden their shoulders too,” says engineer Curran Kuhn, a trustee of the JGE Funding Trust.

The team believed this vision was not only to accommodate the numbers of the poor. The vision is for a high school  of excellence in a 12-hectare spacious campus-like atmosphere. The facilities will be top-class, the leadership inspirational and the education of the highest quality. The school will help heal a total community from a legacy and lifestyle of brokenness and lacking self-worth.

Support from the Education Department

The JGE Funding Trust collaborated with the Western Cape Education Department. The Departmentfunds 40% of the establishment cost and finances most educators. This left R55 million to raise from the community and private sector. The three trustees set out to not only raise the funds, but also to manage the building project and to commit to help govern the school in the long run. The list of practically impossibilities was long, including an ambitious timeline of less than two years before the school had to be operational. In faith the team took up the challenge.

The Jakes Gerwel Entrepreneurial School Funding Trust trustees.

The JGE Funding Trust trustees: Philip Jonker, Wilhelm de Wet and Curren Kuhn.

“Vision sparks hope. Positivity is infectious. Sacrifice is inspirational. When we lead with a can-do attitude and show our commitment by personal sacrifice others will follow,” says trustee Philip Jonker. Jonker is the owner and wine maker of Weltevrede Estate.

In awe-inspiring harmony, the whole community worked together to change their future. So by the end of June 2017 the team had raised more than R39 million. The projects received mainly local contributions and free or discounted professional services.

How you can help

“The Jakes Gerwel Entrepreneurial School is currently being constructed and an amazing vision is swiftly becoming a reality. The doors of JGE open in January 2018. We are about to see what we believe. Amongst the many initial comments of ‘But this can’t be done’ and ‘Impossible’ and ‘You are crazy’, we have yet to meet the person who has not received this vision with great positivity. In retrospect, all the seemingly impossible factors will simply give depth to this beautiful story of hope.”

Jakes Gerwel Entrepreneurial School under construction

The Jakes Gerwel Entrepreneurial School being constructed.

Support the project by making a donations into the following account. Donations are fully tax deductible and count 100% towards Socio Economic Development under BEE regulations. Supporting documentation can be provided.
JGE Funding Trust
ABSA Bank Cheque account
Account number 40-8996-9306
Branch code 632005

You can also like and follow us on Facebook.

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New Wines in the SIMPLICITY Collection: Lemon Zest and Turkish Delight

New wines in the Weltevrede Estate Simplicity Collection, Lemon Zest and Turkish Delight

We’ve added two delightful new wines to our Simplicity collection: Lemon Zest unwooded chardonnay and Turkish Delight Rosé.

This collection is unpretentious, striking, fresh and relevant where the wines make sense simply by looking at the bottle. On the outside, the uncluttered, clear cut and stylish labels draw attention to these wines which have robust and bold flavours.


Lemon Zest, a new wine in the Weltevrede Simplicity Collection

Lemon Zest unwooded Chardonnay

Known for chardonnay and passionate about the cultivar, it was an obvious choice for Weltevrede to add another style to our long line of Chardonnay expressions. Many of our Chardonnays have a distinctive minerality that gives the wine a fresh and lively quality and so this is a way to express the Chardonnay in a pure way.

Chardonnays from the Robertson Wine Valley have distinctive citrus undertones and so this element has been captured and highlighted in Lemon Zest. The colour is a pale yellow with a slight green tinge. On the nose you get prominent notes of grapefruit, passion fruit and lemon peel. The wine has a light mouth feel with flavours of grapefruit, pineapple and limes with a crisp, dry finish.

Lemon Zest is a great start for anyone who wants to explore the Chardonnay cultivar. It is also a brilliant alternative to Sauvignon Blanc with its zesty, crisp and fruity characteristic.

Turkish Delight Rosé

It was time to add a pink lady to the Simplicity collection offering a tantalizing semi-sweet Rosé.

Weltevrede has a long history of producing Gewurztraminer. In the case of the new Turkish Delight Rosé, however, there is a fresh twist. Two unlikely cultivars are blended together to form a delightful Semi-Sweet Rose.

Gewurztraminer is a very expressive, fragrant cultivar and one of its most bespoke flavours is Turkish Delight. In this vintage we blended Gewurztraminer with a small quantity of Shiraz. This gives you a semi-sweet rose with a pleasant dry finish. The colour is a light pink. On the nose you get litchi, rose petals, and candy floss. This fresh wine has a light mouth feel with flavours of litchi, strawberries and Turkish delight on the palate.

New wines in the Weltevrede Estate Simplicity Collection, Lemon Zest and Turkish Delight

Weltevrede Estate and Chardonnay

Philip Jonker is a Chardonnay specialist and, concomitantly, Weltevrede Estate has become synonymous with the production of fine Chardonnays and Cap Classiques: boasting prestigious awards, most recently gold at the International Chardonnay du Monde for the Place of Rocks Chardonnay Estate wine.

Weltevrede’s ‘Chardonnay collection’ currently comprises of several unique Chardonnay wines made in different styles and expressions. The newly-released Lemon Zest Unwooded Chardonnay joins the lightly wooded Vanilla Chardonnay in the Simplicity collection. They also form part of the larger collection of Chardonnays, which include the flagship Poet’s Prayer Chardonnay, the terroir-specific Chardonnay, Place of Rocks, the 1912 Chardonnay, Weltevrede’s Philip Jonker Brut The Ring Blanc de Blancs and several Chardonnays produced specifically for Woolworths.

Buy … … … …

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2017: An Exceptional Harvest – ‘n Besonderse Oesjaar

2017 harvest at Weltevrede the Jonker Family Wine Estate

Philip Jonker, Weltevrede owner and winemaker, writes about the harvest 2017:

We initially suspected this would be a small harvest, since we expected smaller berries due to the dry season.
However, we’ve been able to have our cake and eat it! The harvest turned out to be larger than last year’s and we got perfectly healthy grapes thanks to dry conditions.

2017 harvest at Weltevrede the Jonker Family Wine Estate

We’ll remember 2017 as the year when the grapes ripened especially easily and the resulting wines will be full-bodied. The reds have shown deep colour, with the Bedrock Black Syrah that showed pitch black colour during the fermentation already.

We also made a new Shiraz for our 1912 range, which will hopefully be ready for release late in

2018. This one of three new wines we made during the 2017 harvest season. I can’t say too much about that yet!


Philip Jonker, eienaar en wynmaker van Weltevrede, skryf:

Ons het vooraf vermoed dat dit ‘n klein oes sou wees weens kleiner korrelgroottes, ‘n verwagte uitkoms na die droë seisoen.

Die brood is egter aan albei kante gebotter hierdie jaar deurdat die oes groter as verlede jaar is en ons daarmee saam perfek gesonde druiwe gehad het danksy die droë kondisies.

Ek sal 2017 onthou as die jaar waarin die druiwe besonder maklik ryp geword het en die wyne gaan gevolglik vol styl wyne wees. Rooiwyne het diep kleur gewys, met veral die Bedrock Black Syrah wat al reeds tydens gisting pikswart kleur gehad het.

Ons het ook ‘n nuwe Shiraz vir die 1912-reeks gemaak wat hopelik later in 2018 gereed sal wees vir vrystelling. Dit is een van drie nuwe wyne wat tydens die 2017 parsseisoen gemaak is, maar ek mag nog nie die kat uit die sak uit laat nie. Meer hieroor later.

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Stay in our self-catering cottages

Need a stopover on your your Summer holiday journey or looking for a weekend getaway destination? Our self-catering cottages could be just what you need. Read more ›

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Swing by for a unique experience

If you’re planning a visit to our valley, be sure not to miss the guided tour of our underground tunnels, a unique experience in timelessness.

It includes a wine tasting by candlelight in the cisterns that were built generations ago with stones brought up from the Breede River by donkey cart.

We’re a convenient detour off the N2 and Route 62, if you’re not in a hurry while travelling along these popular holiday routes. And if you’d like to make a weekend of it, consider staying in one of our self-catering cottages. Also have a look at all the great activities in Bonnievale and the Robertson Valley.

Booking for the underground tasting is essential, as it is a personal, guided experience. Just give us a call on +27 23 616 2141 to book.

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Making MCC

Making MCC
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Oupa se Wingerd on auction

This year Weltevrede had the privilege to take part in the Nederburg Auction on the 16th and 17th of September. We auctioned off four cases of our 1986 Oupa se Wingerd, divided up into three available lots.

We are very happy to say that the first lot, containing 12 bottles, sold for a staggering R8400. The other two lots, each containing 6 bottles, sold separately for R4500 each.

Read more ›

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Wine on the River

We certainly couldn’t have asked for better weather for the recent Wine on the River festival!

Read more ›

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The meaning of heritage

With more than a century of family wine-making behind us, we are honored to celebrate Weltevrede’s rich heritage during Heritage Month. This legacy was a major part of the inspiration behind our WELTEVREDE 1912 wines.

These wines are made as a tribute to honour our people, their hard work and values, their dreams, passions and preferences. In that spirit, the names of all the people who work on the Weltevrede Estate were included on the label. Read more ›

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